Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gift Counting


# date nights with those I love

# feeling safe as the winds batter

# that children only see joy not the disorganised chaos that is

# team work in the kitchen

# the generosity of a boy to give from his moneybox

# the warmth of home to make it cosy for a sickly one

# Spring growth despite the wild conditions

# celebrating those who faithfully volunteer

# delight on a teen's face when she finds just the right outfit

# supper made with love

# an hour in the hairdresser's chair to be indulged

# dates booked for a little family getaway

# fences and trees in tact after a wild night.

# handwritten notes left on the bench

# a cuppa shared with my dad

# marveling at the ingenuity of my dad's chook palace

# the wind stopped!

# the sun came out

# my man could get back on the bike because the wind stopped

# difficult choices could lead to a better outcome

# the feeling that comes with wearing a newly finished sewing project

#92 a proud little guy having walked 11 laps

My other gifts here


  1. A wonderful list there Bron, so many great things and I love Port Wine Magnolia and it's beautiful scent.

    Claire x


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