Sunday, September 1, 2013

This weekend

Around our parts we have been.....


* Second last week of soccer....woohoo man of the match for our guy!

*Pursuing the goal of organising those memories.

*Pops of colour from last years bulbs

*Playing in the park with family

*Catching up family to celebrate

*Fun times in kids church ...who doesn't love play dough?

* Cards written from the heart for the world's best dad.

* The traditional Fathers Day happy snap......well one of the outtakes .

Hope the dad's in your life had a super fab day......we celebrated with all the dads in our lives all weekend....just how celebrations should be. 


  1. Such happy happy photo's :) have a great week x

  2. great pics..and that fathers day card...too cute!!

  3. Love that card, it's gorgeous. Congrats on the soccer star and good luck with the final game/s? Hope all well Bron xx


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