Monday, September 2, 2013

000 - Teaching our kids

 Have you ever had to call 000 or the emergency services number for your part of the world????

I have a long time ago...ambulance...

Well that was until last night.

We were heading home form church about 7.30pm when we came upon a car that had been sidelined on the kerb for a day or full flames......

No-one else appeared around so we assumed that the call hadn't been made so I called 000 on my mobile. We were in the car so the call went through our Bluetooth loud speaker for all to hear.

We reported the fire and then we drove around the block a couple of times to wait for the fire Brigade. We did a couple of blocks out of interest to see how long the response time this time other cars had started to stop and look....8 mins not bad!

So do your kids no how to ring emergency numbers?

Do they know what to say when they get through to the operator?

There is a few questions that they would need to answer...location,nearest intersection,what the emergency is....

I am glad my kids got to listen in on my wasn't a panic situation but one that required we do the right thing.....

We had some good discussions about the procedure and the call

And of course lots to talk about why the car was on fire in the first place....hmmmmm

...not pleasant to see and certainly to think that we have some vagabonds roaming around our streets.

 This is the poor sorry car this morning...were confident that no-one was in it when we rang because it had been kerbed and sticker-ed for a day or so.....

Run through making emergency calls with your can be quite daunting even in a unpaniced situation.


  1. What a great 'practice run' for a real high pressure emergency! Great reminder, I really should do this with mine!

  2. Wow... That is kind of scary!

    I remember being out bike riding with my children when we came upon a house that had a RV parked on the side of the house and it was on fire.

    We ran up to the house and knocked on the door and there was no one home so we went next door and they let us use the phone to call it in to the fire department.

    If we had not come by when we did the house would have been on fire by the time it was discovered, but as it worked out only the RV had fire damage. They were lucky we happened by.

    It was the perfect opportunity to do some teaching as well.

    Life has a way of presenting opportunity's to us for teaching and learning.

    You both are great parents! xx

  3. Hi Bron.. yeah we have talked about "emergency calls" and what they will need to explain, like you guys my kids have been with me when I've had to stop to provide nursing help at accidents etc, so they've seen some sights. That's pretty scary though to see a fully "in flames" vehicle!! Bet they were talking about it when they got back to school huh?

  4. wow good reminder! thanks for sharing!


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