Saturday, September 28, 2013

Things I am Loving

This week......
A dozen eggs  from my dad's chickens......willing ours to lay soon. It was so good not to have to buy store eggs.

Sharing chocolate to celebrate the last day of the school term.

Choosing subjects was a lot easier than I thought....maybe there is more to come....can't believe we have a nearly Year Ten kid.

Discovering old instruments of torture relaxation...and teaching the kids to hit just the right spot on a sore backed mumma

Loving the colours that daisies place in our garden....

They are really the lazy gardeners plant but fill so many spots with instant colour.

Despite the rank weather we have many signs of Spring in the garden..

Even the tomatoes are thriving.

and lastly this one for the "directioner " in our family....        


Joining in with Meghan


  1. hope the concert met her expectations! The spring garden looks lovely...

  2. Golly that back scratcher looks a bit medieval - no doubt it feels better than it looks. Hope that you're having a great week and the sun is shining xx

  3. Your garden looks beautiful Bron! Love that photo of your "directioner", am sure she had the best time xx


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