Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend snippets

This weekend.....


* I spent 15 hours at my local polling place.....we went to the polls as a nation.....we chose a new Prime Minister.....oh and no it didn't take me that long to make my vote....I was 
 employed for the day.

* I may have consumed a nearly whole bag of these delicious treats during my long day.....

* I missed the little guys last game of soccer due the long day of work....he was stoked with being gifted with a medal and ball. {pic with his two cousins also on the team}
* An unexpected foggy morning today...too good not to snap.

* After church I dropped the little guy off at a birthday party for a school friend......I may have had a slight panic attack at the indoor play centre that meant I forced  asked my husband to be the one to go back  and collect him.....what a manic, noisy out of control place are those mega play centres.

Joining in with EM

Well on the eve of another week...hope you have lots of good things in store for it.


  1. Mallow bites will make any job easier!

    Have a lovely week Bron,


  2. Sounds like a really long day but those yummy snacks would have helped get you through:) Congratulations to your little boy getting his medal, yeah. Love foggy mornings too. Have a wonderful week. xx

  3. Good on you for working at the polling booth.
    Looks like you have had a busy week, I hate those mega play centres too. I always make {ask sweetly} my partner to do those parties as well :)
    Have a beautiful week. x

  4. I need to get my hands on those bites! Looks like a fun weekend x

  5. Oh I just love the fog in that photo. It has a very whimsical fantasy touch to it.


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