Sunday, September 22, 2013

This weekend


Our Soccer season finished with a carnival on is really lovely that kids have that innate ability to over look disorganisation when there is the opportunity to have a bundle of fun. Luckily the weather held off but was soon to impact the rest of the weekend.
The soccer boots have now been hung up.

The candles , best dinner set and the silverware got a good run again this weekend as we entertained....

Some important fashion shopping had to be done in readiness for a teen's big date with her pop idols next weekend....I so get overwhelmed by the amount of choice in despite me so not being the shopper we had a successful outing.

Trying to shake a very sore back and get head ready for the last week of the term ...a few days booked  to get away....sadly nothing as exotic as our last holiday but some time away together to refresh the soul.

Hope your week is a good one. xxx

Joining in with Em



  1. A busy weekend! Hope your back improves soon x

  2. Your plate setting is so very pretty! I love the delicate picture!

    Soccer's over... Well it was nice that they hosted an after event for the boys!

    Have a happy short holiday! xx

  3. Hello Bron, I do hope that your little trip is a relaxing one and that your back-pain eases off. I have been having my share of back-pain lately too . . . I think it is time to see my chiropractor. I always put it off as long as possible, because there are times when it get better on it own. I just hate wasting money, LOL

  4. I hope your back improves too Bron and you get a good rest on your holiday. Take care of yourself xx

  5. I hope your back feels better Bron. :) xx


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