Friday, September 13, 2013

Things I am Loving

This week.....

....Banana bread making that was eaten up before my eyes

....The discovery of a battle field on our living room floor.
 This piece that has struck some cords with discussions in this house during the week
(found via Little Gumnut)

There has been lots to love this week....just not all recorded with the camera

....The opportunity to bless a family with a meal and have twin cuddles as a bonus .

....Reading this article and thinking where I sit on this spectrum .

....The feeling that comes with the Spring season...the need to declutter...fling open the   
 doors and windows and invite people in. 

....and this 

Have a fabulous weekend...

Joining in with Meghan


  1. Yes, I loved that video! Very thought provoking! Thanks for the shoutout Bron. Loving your loving posts. It's reminding me that I should be posting more of them too. xx

  2. That battlefield is awesome...if a little ouchie if you found yourself standing on it without realising! Mmmm banana bread - reminds me I have some bananas in the freezer I could do with using up - happy weekend to you - off to listen to your videos xx


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