Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today I was lucky enough to visit my  local goodwill store and find something that was perfect for me to bring back to life.
After noticing that it was less than perfect I decided that I would take it home anyway...the kind lady at the counter was very embarrassed that it was defective and was horrified that it had made it onto the floor. After I convinced her that it was indeed perfect for me she reduced it quite heavily (yeah for me) .
I asked her what actually happened to the goods that were "rejected"..she told me that they get packed up and shipped to third world countries, even the broken things!!!
I know there is probably good intentions there but I was quite saddened to think that our richly resourced country was happy to send our "rubbish to those in poor countries of the world?
Yes I am sure they appreciate that which we don't but I think they still deserve more than the discarded!


  1. That is gorgeous and is something I would snap up, defects or not.

    I volunteered at a big op-shop chain in Brisbane and was also horrified at the things that were sent overseas. I sorted all donated goods and always made sure that the clothing donated to third world Countries were in decent condition with no stains, rips etc. My philosphy is if I wouldn't wear or use it then why should others be expected to.

  2. Hi Bronwyn, just thought I'd let you know that I passed an award on to you.

  3. Sometimes it amazes ma what I discover - I also found out recently that the worst things from our donations go to the poorest countries, but also we get bags to donate straight to the people in most needs so I normally choose that way to get rid of my old (but still good things)

    Your find is so beautiful! If I was to crochet it myself, it would have taken me ages!



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