Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Summer Read

I love to read....anytime...but there is something about the summer holidays that just spurs me on to read a bit more than usual.
I have had my nose stuck in this book and last night finished it.....Jodi Picoult must be my favourite author, ever since I was given her book My sister's Keeper about 6 years ago.
I find hr writing intense,full of well researched facts and her story lines always take me to the edge of thinking "what do I really believe about that ?'
This book didn't disappoint. I found myself nearing the last couple of pages and trying to guess whether it was going to end how I thought or would there be a curve ball at the end as with so many of her other stories.
I have another of her books to read that was a Christmas gift but I need a little time between reads to process all the thoughts from this one.

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