Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bidding Wars

All around this nation and in fact world wide there is a bidding frenzy happening in blogland. I indeed have my fingers in a few auctions that are part of The Flood Disaster Appeal....
Like all bidding attempts I have my limits and I must stick to them even if it is all for a good cause....
it is not too late to check out some great auctions.
Tonight in our home we had some lesson learning  around the whole buying on eBay. Meg had her heart set on something that she searched on eBay for....after negotiating with me the amount she had to begin her bidding with we sat and waited, all the time explaining that it was very difficult to actually win an auction while remaining within your budget. The bid was placed at the last 2 min mark and sure enough at seconds to go was outbid.
The lesson to stay within your means no matter how much of a good deal it was or how badly you wanted it to become yours is often a hard one even for an adult....

Here's hoping that I have better luck with my bidding.


  1. I totally agree - it doesnt matter how much or little you have to give - its the giving the counts. Like you I have spent to my limit (in a few raffles) and now I have to stop.

    I stopped by to say a heartfelt thank you for bidding over at the Ellieboo Auction - I was seriously blown away by people's generosity.

    Thank you, Amanda

  2. I haven't actually participated in any of the auctions. We chose instead to donate money directly and have also brought supplies that one of the local churches is having shipped over.
    It is the giving that counts and I agree that no amount is too small :)


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