Saturday, January 15, 2011

Granny Warmth

Last week my dad gave me this Granny square rug that my mum had soon as I saw it I had a flash back to remembering her working on this ...I must have been in my early teens (approx 30 years or more ago!) Dad was wondering if I would like it...not my colours but I took it just so I could marvel at her handy crocheting skills. Not a single tail or end in sign of any sewing together of squares. Although it is well worn and has been washed over and over it is perfect. I so wish she was here to look over my shoulder and help me as I sew in ends and figure out how to put the squares together on my own blankets.
After being given this I went in search of other granny rugs that I have done over the years....
This one I did when I was newly married ( approx 23 years ago) It is actually just one big granny square. Over the years  it has become the go to blanket for a certain big person in the house when he is not feeling well.....
After not crocheting for many years  I taught myself last winter , using these lessons and completed this Granny square blanket. Unlike my mum's there are many ends poking out and you can definitely see the way I have sewn all the squares together.....all that aside there is always someone snuggled under it.
This is my current work in progress...I am not very good at sitting still so when I am desperate to watch a movie I grab this and work on it - to keep me awake...I have loved the randomness of colours and pattern. Not sure how large it will be but I am sure it is going to be as well used as the others . My family are  real snuggle under a blanket type of guys.
(note to sister's : mum's blanket is up for a new home just in case you were wondering!)

I still have a couple of places left on my Pass It On fun if you want to sign up.


  1. I love these blankets...I am determined to teach myself how to make one this year.
    How nice for you to have inherited one that your mum put alot of love into so long ago...what a treasure.

  2. lucky you to have something worked by the hands of your mum, and i think her colour choices are very now

  3. Thank you...I guess when it comes to granny anything there is no right or wrong colours.


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