Monday, January 10, 2011

Oh Monday!

As I finally get to sit and write this post....I had different ideas to share but as I reflect on this Monday it didn't pan how I had envisaged....

An hour or two this morning  at the hospital with the little guy hoping and praying that the foot he hurt last evening wasn't fractured.....x-rays later -no phew we were in the clear just bruised....

Then that left the first day of Vac swim lessons to tackle with a sore-footed boy....a hubbie on a rostered day off that was succumbing to the flu and tackling a nasty dentist appointment....the rising  heat of the day  and a disaster zone of a house with a very bare pantry to rectify.

We have just returned home from lending the in laws a hand digging holes and I did a quick "pastoral "visit.

I think we can say goodbye to this Monday and look forward to a new day ....with less challenges? Maybe ,maybe not!

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