Monday, January 31, 2011

Birthday sewing

All three of our kids have a birthday within the next 6 I thought it time I tackled something else  on my " bookmarked to do list" and add to the birthday celebrations coming up fast......

Happy Birthday Bunting.....

How hard is it to photograph bunting? Anyways I used this tutorial for inspiration and raided my stash ( gotta luv projects that raid the stash you already have).

I kept it colourful and suitable for all birthdays big and small....why haven't I made one before now I don't know.


  1. Love when you are able to use what you already have :) your bunting is gorgeous!!

  2. Great bunting, that is a lot of birthdays in a short period of time, my 4 are all spaced out every 4 months throughout the year, so we can pace ourselves - excpet for December twins which is caught up in Christmas chaos. Love Posie

  3. LOVE the birthday bunting.
    My 3 are within 6 weeks too. I love that festive time of year. Enjoy the preparations for yours.

  4. I love your bunting and I think I am going to have a go at making my own. All four of our birthdays are close together and I hate the birthday banners you can get in the shops they always seems so blah to me. I might actually have to make 2 one for the boys and one for me :oD

  5. i love happy birthday buntings, such a great idea. yours is beauitful

  6. Your bunting is so super cute! Love it!

    Happy Birthday bunting really is the best, isn't it? Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love the bunting, great job. It must have taken a bit of work.


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