Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas gifts

I had set myself such a big goal of handmaking  as many gifts as possible for Christmas gifts this year....I wanted to share a couple with you.....
I had so much fun using these from my stash and turning them into fort kits for my nieces and nephews. I used this tutorial and just made changes to suit my supplies and personalise them for the kids...

On my list of pressies was also these ,these and a new thing I tried..
Zippered purses (that I completely forgot to photograph)

and one of these and 

This for Meg's bed so she doesn't have to climb down or throw things down.....
(don't mind the unmade bed)
I have such a long list of "to try " things that I am sure I will have a whole heap of other ideas for next year.


  1. What fun gifts! I particularly like the fort kits. Nifty!

  2. The fort kits are awesome...my kids would love one! The apron is beautiful.

  3. Oh my gosh, you have so many fabulous ideas. I'm totally going to remember those fort kits and we could totally use that bedside bag for my daughter bunk bed. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

  4. So cute. I have made those fort kits as a birthday gift too for my kids and other little boys. They loved it!

    That apron is adorable!

  5. That apron looks like a party dress! :o)

  6. The fort kits are fantastic ... and I love the loft bed organizer. Might have to make one of those for my kiddo. Visiting from At Second Street.

  7. oh, that deluxe fort kit is AWESOME! I have a nearly 6 year old with a birthday in a week's time.... I'm thinking this will be a key part of our winter strategy. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. I love your idea for the fort kits so much I am going to use them for this years Christmas gifts. Thank you for sharing they are fabulous!

  9. I love the fort kit, what a fabulous idea, especially with school holidays upon us.

  10. Hi Bron, I love the fort kits. Hey I should make Alycia one of those bunk hold alls. Happy New Year :D


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