Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ten on Ten- October Edition

"once a month on the tenth taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day! "


  • The day began with a water fight..... if you have two water guns and two boys what else is going to happen.....even if we were supposed to be packing the car to head home from our little family holiday....

  •  Check out time of 10 am is always a one is ever ready to head home... 
  • Before we hit the road home we headed for a sweet treat...
  • We had one last stop to make......after going to the drive- in last night we had to head back and find the hidden cache nearby. 
  • We may have had a halfway home stop to fill the bellies.....I know not the best of choices but kept some in the family happy.
  • Wouldn't you know it...after a couple of months checking every morning for the golden first happened while we were gone.......there was much excitement and now much pressure to deliver more.
  • While we were gone the garden also sprung some more colour.
  • The "rescue remedy" was put to good use throughout the day for an impending dentist visit upon our return home.....well we enjoyed our week while it lasted....
  • and why does it all hit reality when  the dirty washing hits the laundry least the sun was shining for longer today....
  • and the one who visited the dentist was very brave and had to be creative for dinner.
Well it was a mixed day...... you can check out everyone else's days over here.


  1. Yes... what is with the 10am check out time. Ridiculous!

    Congrats on the first egg. Loving the poppies too. Such a beautiful flower.

    ... dirty washing suxs!

  2. These photo's remind me so much of my childhood. Not sure why, but it's lovely x

  3. Oh this is a cool idea... love your "snapshot" look into your day with the 10 pics!! I'd love to join you in doing something like that.. (may I?)... it's great!


  4. Holidays are wonderful aren't they? mostly. Love the look of your sweet treats stop.

  5. 10 great reasons for being alive! Well maybe not the toothache ;)

  6. Dirty washing is always a downer after a great's then that you have to make yourself remember it was worth it and think happy holiday thoughts!


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