Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend snippets


* A rare moment where we stopped and sat to read the weekend paper...helps that it came free with the take away coffees the Mr bought home with him.....

*A trial run though on our op shopped game ready to take on our little family road trip.

* Trust little boys to find poor innocent little creatures.....they were convinced to place him carefully back to continue enjoying the sun.

* A Sunday afternoon moment caught before the action began again. 

Joining in with Em


  1. I have played that "sorry" game since I was a teen... I love that game but your game board is much nicer than our old one and updated too lol to many years old

    That lizard looks like a close cousin to my LeRoy that lives on our porch lol )

    And oh my goodness when I saw the last picture my heart took a jump! My daughter had done that same thing every since she was a infant! I love it... ah memories...

  2. That poor lizard, how to convince my cats to leave them alone now too! I draw the line at holding them though, that boy of yours is a brave kid. Love the game, enjoy your trip xx


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