Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Creative Space

One thing I have learned from Jody is that you can reuse just about anything......

Hence I have a basket that is being filled up with sleeves, collars, ties and other discarded garment bits from my REinventions..... 
I literally had 15 minutes space to be a little taking a discarded piece from one of my REinventions I set to work using this tutorial.


How simple
How easy
How handy I had the pieces
How good will these be for little stocking fillers

Fill them with ..lip gloss, gift cards ,money

The use is endless. 

Joining in with other creative souls here.


  1. 15 mins, I was wondering what on earth you were going to re invent in that short amount of time Bron....what a great idea, would never have guessed and the amount of uses would be endless.
    Do I have to start saving cuffs as well as all my other bits 'n pieces?

    Claire x

  2. This is a brilliant little idea to remember!

  3. Hey Bron. Glad you made these. I want to give it a go too but I don't have any spare sleeves hahahaha. And I am restraining myself from visiting the oppies until I can reduce some of my thrifted fabs. Lovely little stocking fillers. xxx

  4. Oh good job! What a clever idea! & a couple more scraps unscrapped! Woohoo

  5. They look great Bron and are a brilliant stocking filler. Will have to file that idea away for a rainy day.

  6. The possibilities are literally endless and that's why we LOVE REinventing!

  7. Bron you are so clever, this is a great idea. xx

  8. Oh what a brilliant idea, Thanks for sharing
    Have a great weekend

  9. Every one needs little pouches to put small things in so they don't get lost in their bag! Very cute.


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