Friday, November 16, 2012

Things I am Loving....

This week I am loving.....

Time for creative moments in the sunshine.....
Time to bake something sweet for the family....
Time to savor gifted sweet mangoes ...
Time to sew today with friends......

Also a week to find time for making quick gifts, time stop and pick up fresh strawberries and time to enjoy lunch with my man.

Loving that even though life is crazy busy there has been time  to enjoy some lovely things.
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  1. I love the idea of mangoes more than I actually like eating them! Lovely that you have made time to have some special moments this week xx

  2. Yum! Mangos My favourite,,.thanks for you comment.. Just about to post this comment on my blog but wanted to reply to your comment first. Gary is actually good at the moment. He is a walking miracle.His secondary tumors in his lungs have shrunk to invisible(doesn't mean they are gone but seriously reduced).He had a 5per cent chance of success at the beginning of treatment and it has worked. I am with the thought that God grants time and that is what we have received. Another summer with Gaz is a work of prayer.

  3. Love this post Bron, all beautiful things for the soul. And those cakes have honestly made my tummy rumble, they look delectable! xo

  4. Ahh Bron I'm sitting here and I wish I had a piece of either of those yummy cakes. xx

  5. Mmmm, mangoes! Yum! Love the look of the cake with the passionfruit too x


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