Thursday, November 22, 2012

My Creative Space

I present my first ever Tie Rose.....

If you haven't headed over to Jody's yet you must pop over and check out her

they would make a lovely gift or maybe just a set for yourself.
They are simple to follow and a great way to try your hand at some REinventing for yourself. 

There will be many more of these roses on my horizon I think ...
the use for them is endless.

Other creative spaces here.


  1. Oh very clever! There is a lot of potential once you start creating with things like ties! Have fun shopping at the oppies for more! lol

  2. This is great recycling! My sister and I used to make skirts from old ties!

  3. Not only are you very clever Bron you are also [as far as I know] the first person in the world to have created a Tie Rose using the REcreate Card AND look at it, it's GORGEOUS!

    Looking forward to seeing it in person tomorrow. x

  4. Gorgeous... I might have to try my hand at these!
    (Lovely to meet you in person the other night, too!) xo

  5. It is beautiful Bron... congrats....


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