Friday, September 29, 2017

What we learnt at Country Week

It may just sound like a week of playing soccer in rain, hail and shine.....but is so much more....
It's about 


*Making new friends that quick become team mates

* Learning to give respect to those who give so much of their time

*That rain and cold are no deterrent  to 12 and 13 year olds

*That our state is a big place and there are a whole bunch of other kids that are passionate about soccer too

*Having your mum as the team manager is not as bad as your son first thought.

*That sometimes you win and sometimes it is more about how you play the game

*It is vital to fill a young mans world with good male role models

*Dads are better at analyzing a game of soccer than mums 

*Haircuts and coloured hair spray are the best fun you could add to playing the game

* That we would do it all over again ...after a few days of catching our breathe.

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