Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dear Me.....

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me …….

Hey being 16 is a precious age….right on the edge of being all grown up yet still young enough to enjoy being a child…

I know that right now school is a tricky place to man-oeuvre – the friendships, the pressure to work hard and study and  to achieve good grades and earn that first bit of "own money". Just know that it will be over so quickly.

 Being an average grade student is OK and that goal you’ve held onto for so long  - to be a teacher- you will get there and  it will be worth all the sacrifice. Remember to thank your parents for all their encouragement, the fuel they put in your car, the meals and the boundaries they put into place….they really do know best and have your best interests at heart. 

That boy that you agreed to “go out with” a few months ago the one who became your first boyfriend---he’s a keeper for sure. Yes he is wildly different to you- quiet, introverted, strangely attracted to loud rock music, all things opposite to you.  But he will be your rock and together you will face some huge challenges together – and I know you won’t believe this but you will grow to be more like each other than you ever could imagine, you will learn to understand his ways and your differences will be what cement you strong…. you will grow to understand and appreciate his passion for that loud rock music too.

Mum will love him too even though he stirs her hugely.

Five years may seem a life time to be dating someone but trust me this will form the firm foundation on which you do life together.

Embrace that quality to be social and friendly…even if it is your undoing at school… …it will be one of your greatest assets.  

Listen to your dad when he encourages you to work hard …..holding down all those crazy part time jobs will give you many life lessons and provide you with  a book full of stories to share….

I know you don’t have a mapped plan of what life will look or when something should happen or even where you would like to be in 34 years…trust me that’s not a bad thing. Life will be full to the brim, it will have moments to be joyful and long stretches of sadness but don’t despair at that thought, cause that boy, those parents, sisters and the many other people you gather through life will be there shouting from the sidelines , providing all the strength and encouragement you will need…and through it all the God you knew from the beginning and has always walked with you, will  remains faithful.

When the time comes to sieze an opportunity to change, move interstate and explore new beginnings – go , embrace the home sickness and cherish the new friends that come with it as they will be integral to your journey.

That family you didn’t really ever plan but knew you wanted will happen…Your first will stream roll into your lives, grab hold of your heart, change you forever and leave a forever hole when she has to go. Baby two will be precious too and she too will grow and grab your heart as she follows your advice to seize her dreams. But not before you teach her to drive …yes this is in your future and it will be a moment in time that you can never prepare  yourself for…. And just when you think “should we” …go for it.... don’t hesitate for you will be blessed with a boy that will educate you fast on all things that life with sisters and two daughters never did. 

All through this be true to you, don’t wait too long till you learn to listen to that inner voice before you know, that all you need, God has already given you.

Love those in your life fiercely as some will be gone too quickly and too soon

Don’t wait too long to know that you have wisdom to share 

Never mind about standing on scales and measuring the outward 

Be brave and travel the world earlier and discover all its  wonder and beauty

And be Ok with the fact that you are emotional and that letting things go will always be tough……

God has made you perfectly for the journey he has you on and although there are times that life is busy and that will crowd out hearing from Him and what He has to say…its OK … take time out and be still …for that’s where you will be made stronger for the next part of the journey.

Your nearly 50 year old self  xxxxx



  1. Love this Bron. Such wise words. Xx

  2. nice to see you back. Even if only briefly.

  3. Beautiful
    Glad your back.Hope to hear more.from ypu

  4. Wow Such words and great advice! Makes me stop and think... What would I say to my sixteen year old self. I think RUN! would have been appropriate lol Just kidding. But in all seriousness I think for someone who has been through such a journey as yours and for you to have the beautiful soul that you have is one super seriously beautiful human being who sees life in a way that so many do not. someone who embraces at every opportunity the life that has been given and learns from its lessons. Thank you for sharing Bron XXXX


Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi....I love having your support. I will do my best to pop back to you and say hi. xx


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