Monday, October 29, 2012

Gifts to read

I am a handmade gift girl......where possible my go to gift for friends, family and the kids peers is to make something from nothing....

Occasionally though time runs short on me and the busyness of life doesn't allow me to pull together that special "Bron Creation"

This was the case this weekend for our most adorable nephew who turned One....

So what to very next go to gift would be a book......   

I have a heap of favourites from my teaching days and I love to share the enjoyment of those.....

Even for big kids or adults I love to find appropriate books that will be enjoyed........ 

I mean there is nothing more sweeter than book reading no matter what age you are.

Oh I did manage a special Aunty Bron made card to go with my non handmade gift....... 


  1. It was very much appreciated special Aunty Bron. Oh and what a cute little man that is. teehee :) x

  2. you can't go wrong with books can you! For someone that has everything, there is always some book you can get! My wee one has just started to get addicted to books! That's good!

  3. Oh a book is PERFECT. I love giving books and LOVE receiving books, and LOVE LOVE LOVE my kids receiving a good book too! xx

  4. Books are perfect gifts...the book itself will eventually wear out but the story will live on in the owner's imagination for years! I really like the bag that goes with the book there.

  5. I am exactly like you Bron if time runs out than something like a book is a wonderful gift to give and one I don't feel guilty about buying either. It looks like your nephew loved his birthday present. xx


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