Friday, October 5, 2012

It's the little things

Today the thing I am loving is.....

Taking the time to savor the moment....

and the little things that make this big wide world full of such wonder....

Holidays by the seaside will also do that too. xxxx

Joining in with "Things I am loving ."


  1. Pretty photos, don't you just love how holidays slow down time and reduce blood pressure, having the chance to spend all morning in our pjs rather than the usual constant pressured rush is awesome. Enjoy!

  2. OK I have to know - what sort of beach thing are those 'hairy rocks'!!

  3. It looks like you found some delightful treasures...including a moment to breathe and enjoy the seaside. (I'm jealous!) =)

  4. There is something about the seaside isn't there...the salt air the waves crashing - hope you've had a lovely time :-)

  5. Those moments, the simple quiet ones are just the best. It looks like you've collecting some interesting things on your walk. I love the beach too for the feeling of calm it gives me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Bron. xx


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