Thursday, October 4, 2012


Now don't get me wrong.....

I am not proud of what I did...

They were seemingly very happy ...

and creating quite the little life for themselves and their future "youngens..".

But after being suckered into leaving them along last year I wasn't going there again this year.....

So our only tack was to bring them down.......

The willy wag tails began their nest building in my outdoor lights...

that bit  was fine, even interesting, it was the over protectiveness for the months to come that we didn't count on...

Being held hostage inside and not being able to enjoy our garden and outdoor eating was not good....

So yes I feel a little guilty but it had to be done....


  1. They do get rather protective..we had a cat once who was badgered by them and had to hide under an outside chair. Well the upshot was that one day she flipped and killed one of them...if they hadn't harrassed her so much they would still be around!

  2. That was the tiniest nest I've ever seen. They'll rebuild in a tree somewhere it's ok.

  3. I take it they are spiders? Must research what they look like as we have a few things outside that I am sure they would love to nest in.
    For a moment there I thought you had gotten rid of your glad they are still intact :)

  4. Wow! I remember that one last year how you were attacked its good you got a head start on them. By the way loved your last post! My daughter danced for about four years in front of an audience and loved it, she even choreographed and danced in a production for our towns Christmas tree lighting ceremony... Great memories! Enjoy all of it you never know where it leads but the bonding and memories will last for ever!

  5. Oh dear, what a dilemma. They are such cute little birds, but yes, ALL birds tend to be a little bossy when it comes to their nests and ANYTHING surrounding them. Great photos of that teeny nest though xo

  6. Are they birds? Thank goodness we don't have them here. Thank you for visiting my blog. Now going to take a good look around yours.

  7. i'm sure that they will find a new home somewhere, although probably not with free lighting, how will they read their tiny books at night?

  8. Oh goodness what a title. You have your fair share of fun with birds don't you lol

  9. I'm sure that one season for them was enough especially when they aren't so friendly when they have their young. I actually didn't realise that they were so protective until my neighbour told me about her resident willy wagtails in her shed being a bit of a problem. x


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