Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 4 in Singapore

We made the most of the views and the weather by swimming a different times through each day. Our final day there we thought we would linger even longer in the atmosphere although it was a little busier due to it being Good Friday.

We lingered a little longer over macaroons and coffee....

Shared with friends over an Asian buffet for the final time ( this trip!!!)

We had such a memorable trip....albeit a very short one....special times with friends and what a huge blessing to have been gifted such a trip!

We will be back to savour more of the lush delights that Singapore has to offer that we didn't get anywhere near exploring on this trip.

Sorry for the flurry of posts I was just a little excited at revisiting  such a fun trip...you know how it is once to you hit home ...it all seems a distant memory.


  1. Now am I dreaming or did three of those Singapore posts go up at once? I had fun looking at all of them..what a trip..one of a kind, a fantastic experience for you!

  2. I've never been to Singapore but it has always been on the list. Hope you had a wonderful time! XOL

  3. thank you for dropping by my site so i can check out yours. i am amazed when you said you got honey from your own hive. what a sweet life you must lead! i'm glad you visited singapore near manila, my home city. i miss singapore laksa and chili crabs! they have such great food don't they...

  4. Does that pool drop right off the edge of the building? Look slike it in the top photo...argh!
    Thanks for the detail Bron! Photos are great too...thanks for sharing!


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