Friday, April 15, 2011

Pj's to Blanket

Oh,  OK so I am procrastinating the cleanup.....but after looking at the photo I was inspired to finish off my new blanket.

I had rag quilted a collection of Fraser's outgrown winter PJ's and all I needed left to do was back them with polar fleece...

I know he will forgive me cutting up his favourite PJ's when he realises how snugly soft the blanket is.

The cleanup ?  There is always tomorrow right?


  1. That is such a brilliant way to use old pjs - I'd never have thought of that! I need to make my two camp blankets for Guides and Scouts - now there's an idea I could use!

    Thanks for calling in today! :)

  2. I totally love this...I have lost count of the amount of pj's we have been through over the years but I am so keeping them from now on to make one of these :)
    I bet it is snuggly warm too.

  3. I love that idea..and at least he gets to keep them for a lot longer now..and get new pj's. Lovely quilt!

  4. Oh yes, there is always tomorrow for cleaning & chores, patchwork is the best excuse to delay such things. Love Posie

  5. never let cleaning get in the way of making. i love your idea of making his favourite pi's into a cuddly blanket. he will love snuggling on the couch with that


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