Monday, March 25, 2013

Fun with Pearl/Water beads

One of the things I have been trying to do at playgroup each week is to provide a sensory experience for the children....and parents.

I first saw these water beads over at MNM's and the again at A little delightful  .

 I knew they were something that could be fun

It took me a little while to source them...making sure they were non toxic for the children....

I spent a couple of days "growing" them in guys had a great time playing with them...running them through their fingers...

As I hoped they would be .... a huge hit at playgroup for both the kids and the parents......they resemble "fish eggs" and have a very calming feel to them.

I placed them into my sensory tray and added on this occasion some plastic easter eggs . This was to tie in with the Easter theme we have running.
Next time I think I will add the sea creatures, fish and  shells  .

If you would like to try some for is where I sourced mine and they were really helpful and great service.


  1. Clementine's playgroup uses these too, they're great for sensory play, everyone loves them. Love all the colours. Hope you're well Bron x

  2. I have seen these in my office... one of my co-workers brought some in and it was fascinating to see them. Really cool

  3. weird wee things I can see why the kids would like them. I used to love the cornflour and water mix,it was so satisfying moving it about. Good for you


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