Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Snippets - Easter Edition


Easter Weekend- 

A beautiful clear skied weekend with temps in the low 30's

Perfect for a movie night in the park organised by our church

Fantastic time spent with like minded, celebrating all that Easter is to us

Gifts of Chickens GIVEN

Egg Hunting in the backyard....hosted by us this year.

Eggs for all...big and small......people as well as eggs

The anti is upped the older they get...much more competitive indeed

Still the grandads do a fine job at finding trickier hiding places each year.
So feasting on good food.....time in each others company ...and a touch  truckload of chocolate , sees the end of another Easter.

We still have two more days of relaxing ahead of us then back to school for 2 1/2 weeks before we break for holidays.

Hope yours was a good one wherever you spent it .

Joining in with Jodi at The Beetle Shack.   


  1. Is that a pavlova!? It looks AMAZING!!!
    Ronnie xo

  2. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Wow! Great Easter Eggs! Very Pretty

  4. How lovely is your space here?!
    Looks like a wonderful Easter was had.
    I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm going to be joining in with Em's Weekly Stills from this week too!
    x Katrina


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