Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Creative Space

Having just finished my scrap busting swap I was on a roll with using some more of my scrap stash....oh and i have plenty.....

A  birthday present was required for my 3 year old niece....  

So using this tutorial I made a Fabric I Spy book......

and a Bubble Skirt using this tutorial and pattern.....

To complete the gift I just added two little t-shirts that I embellished with more of the skirt fabric and a lace doily.....

She seemed to love the book and was so adorable in the yay for scrap busting ideas and perfect 3 year old presents.

Joining with Show and Tell and Creative Spaces. 


  1. Awesome! Youre right we were both on the same page today! Love your skirt and t's and no doubt she does too!

  2. ur niece is so cute! love that skirt...think ill check out the tutorial! mezz.

  3. What a cutie Bron, and so is that bubble skirt you made.

  4. what a great idea.....and I adore the doily on the tshirt, it's so sweet :)

  5. The birthday girl looks so sweet and pretty in her new skirt and t shirt! Have a great weekend Bron.

  6. love a bit of scrap busting... makes buying more fabric for the stash more enjoyable, less feeling guilty


  7. Lovely gifts! The birthday girl looks very happy.


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