Monday, January 13, 2014

Treasure Hunting

On Saturday I headed out in our soaring heat .....I was on a mission.....a mission to hopefully score a piece of fashion crafted by the very talented Jody Pearl of Sew Outside the Lines .

All my refashioning /re purpose sewing I have done over the last couple of years was thanks to Jody.

Well for the first time in many years Jody opened her studio and had a pop up shop.....full of years and years of collected, sewed, created and lovingly gathered treasures

 I was in heaven as were all the others that booked in for her opening.....

So much eye candy and treasures to possibly take home...

It has taken Jody a lot of courage to begin parting with her beautiful creations...we were so glad that she has....

Every draw, cupboard and basket had something of goodness.....

and I am pleased to say that I did score my own piece ....but because of the heat I haven't popped it on for the photo shoot...

But I will take pics of all the treasures I came home with. 

If you live in Perth and want to check out Jody's pop up shop for yourself drop me an email and I will let you know where she open 1pm-5pm Saturdays for the rest of the January at least.


  1. Ooh lots of treasures there to look through Bron I bet you were there a while admiring all of those goodies. I hope the weather gets cooler for you over there. xxx

  2. I'd love some more details Bron, please.

  3. Oh yes... do share!

    Looks so good :)

  4. My FIL is a FIFO in Perth does that count?!

  5. Now that looks like some fun shopping ... a little bit too far to go for me though :0(

  6. Ooh, sounds delightful - count me in for the location share please. And I'm looking forward to seeing your treasures now that the weather has cooled down for a few days.

  7. When I saw that drawer with patterns I was excited LOL (only to a person that sews right lol) Every time I pass a yard sale and they have patterns I have to search through all of them just to make sure that I do not miss any that I might want! lol Silly right? That's me but I LOVE it. xx

  8. wow this place looks like a bit of heaven!

  9. Thanks for sharing looks wonderful, wish I lived closer
    I'm sure you had to show restraint with your shopping! Have a great weekend
    Melissa x


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