Monday, January 20, 2014

Friends in Real

 In the last little while I have had the privilege of meeting two very gorgeous woman who I have become friends with through sharing our blogs......

I live one side of the country and they both live in different states on the other side ....

They visited my beautiful state and I got to meet both of them....

Firstly Miss Prudence aka Lynda from A life of Charming moments by Miss Prudence Knits
What fun to meet not far from my home....and see dolphins while we chatted...

 Then I met Kell from Five Little Flags a little closer to the city.......

With both of these beautiful girls I could have sat and chatted all day......we share commonness in different, heart aches, blogging, being busy mums and even  occupations.

After meeting "in real" both of these gorgeous women, I found myself loving my blog space even has given me the opportunity to meet and be inspired by other women who live far away but now I consider not just "bloggy friends"

Thanks girls for letting me share both of your pics......the introductions were easier for them, as I appear on my blog in pics...they on the other hand are a little more shy.
Thanks too for looking me up...maybe i can return the favour one day.

Here's to new friends and sharing stories......pop over and say hi to them...their spaces are just lovely.


  1. I just love it when you meet a blogger in real life and a friendship is formed!
    Bloggers are awesome!
    We spent ten amazing days in Portugal staying in a bloggers home - welcomed in as family - surreal -

  2. I have many blog friends I hope to meet for real one day. So happy for you that you were able to do that!

  3. that's awesome! loving how blogging creates this whole new awesome network of friends from all over! yay for meetups!

  4. That's fantastic ... and I love that I already follow both these lovely blogs.

  5. That's so cool! Nice blogs too xx

  6. Gorgeous pics of you and your new friends Bron x

  7. lovely pics! Nice to see you & your friends! How exciting!

  8. That's wonderful for you and them Bron! How special all round! I have yet to meet any blog friends, but do live in hope. ♥

  9. yay for bloggy mates....that kell sure is one top sheila!!....and cause of her I found your blog!! x

  10. The feeling was totally mutual Bron, was just lovely meeting you! Next time it'll be on my side of the country! xx


Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi....I love having your support. I will do my best to pop back to you and say hi. xx


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