Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Success in swimming lessons

*A smoothie with a friend- time worth spent

* That it really doesn't matter that my house is a mess

* Air conditioning

* Being inspired to keep sewing

* Picking up some pieces of inspiration

* Kids having sleep overs with cousins

* Knowing more people at a party than I expected

* The cooler forecast predicted

* My beautiful daughter and her ability to care

* The snuggles from the little guy

* Dinner cooked by a friend and the chocolates to go with it

*Being stretched to the limit- then finding some more

* Opportunity to meet new friends in real

* Being comfortable to chat about the things that mean a lot
*The reward to a holiday to relax away all the tiredness

*A beautiful destination to spend in with my family

*Surprises that just make all the secrets worthwhile

* A swimming pool that kept the kids entertained for HOURS

* The tastes ,smells ,sights and sounds of a new place

* The braveness of all to eat out of their comfort zone

* Friendships made 

* Being reminded that simple can be done

* Family that added to the bigness of the week

* Celebrating Australia Day with an international twist

* The luxury of not having to cook ,clean or think too much

* Grateful children

#285 A husband encouraging us to get healthy and shed some of that holiday goodness

  You can see my other thankful lists here...making my way to One Thousand



  1. great list, gratefulness aye? it's a game changer xx

  2. Oh I need to hear the story on how the surprise went down!

    & a great long list!

  3. Well you clearly had a great week ... so many fabulous things to be thankful for :0)


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