Friday, January 17, 2014

Camp Sonshine Day 5

 I was the official photographer through out the week...hundreds of pics many memories recorded...I can only share a few of the ones with my kids......

A week we spend planning for throughout the was successful for so many reasons...not the least because I am so tired and sore......

You can see my daily highlights here......

These are also my Loves for the week.......Hanging with cool kids, working alongside the most awesome volunteers, singing and dancing our way through the week, wildlife, water slides, face painters, friends,  and so much more....

Joining in with Meghan for Things I am Loving


  1. Wow ... congratulations ... you made it ... and it looks like it was a huge success

  2. Looks super fun and special and oh so rewarding - enjoy recovering! x

  3. I have loved seeing the great fun you and all the kids had at camp! It looks like it was a great week xx

  4. So cool to see you as a superhero - go Bron! Looks like an amazing week for all involved xx


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