Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last day,birthdays and NYE

The last day of the year is always a bit special for me......


Family tradition...we meet at the beach front to have a BBQ breakfast...share cake ( made by my teen this year)...and have a last swim or first for the year....

I almost share my birthday with my youngest sister....hers being the day before....

The middle of the day is always pretty chilled....I was even joined by my little guy to read on my bed....

 The evening is generally low key...don't like to travel so we get creative at home.....
this year some family joined us for a outdoor movie night........
 It was a little chilly but good excuse to get out the "onsies" and granny blankets.... 

and so we see in another year.... Bring on 2014...not sure I am ready but.......


  1. Happy Birthday!!! ...and happy new year. Looks like you had a wonderful day.

  2. Happy birthday Bron x
    I can see you had a lovely day, and I hope the year ahead continues in a similar way...

  3. Aw It looks like it was one of those days filled with love, happiness and a whole bunch of fun!!! Happy Birthday Bron xxxx

    BTW... I love your hair style so cute

  4. Happy birthday to you! May the next year bring you great joy x

  5. Happy Birthday to YOU! Glad you enjoyed your day yesterday! & partied well by the look of it! Lovely pics. Your new toy is obviously going well for you!

  6. Happy birthday Bron! I love your birthday tradition at the beach and the movie night is an excellent idea! ps: my b/day is the day after my brother's so one more thing we have in common...Hope it was a great day! Happy New Year to you all xx

  7. Happy Birthday and New Year Bron - 2014 is going to be great because with each one that passes, the more practice we've had so the better we get at them. x

  8. Well Happy New Year Birthday ... hope you have a wonderful 2014

  9. Happy Birthday Bron! Looks like a wonderful celebration :) May your new year be filled with joy xx

  10. Happy happy birthday to you Bron. May 2014 bring you all things wonderful. xx


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