Friday, January 10, 2014

Things I am Loving

 This week I am Loving.....

Spying on these two ...they are keeping each other accountable with their fitness.

...the eggs that await us each day...or couple of days if someone forgets to collect them....
 ...that my brave little guy rescued me this gecko from our bathroom....

...a gift in the mail from a friend for my birthday.....

...creative ideas and a team of volunteers....we have a week long holiday programme this week coming...

...finding the last of the tomatoes for a salad....
...a week of swimming lessons at the local pool...all the more fun shared with cousins...

Joining in with Meghan again this week.


  1. Looks lovely and hot and holidayish. Those fresh eggs look pretty snazzy too. Lots of holiday blessings to you xx

  2. I've got one of those brave, (not so) little guys that rescues me from things too ... they really come in handy ;0)

  3. nice list! Exercise? Lizardy things... ok, not loving it yet!
    End of your tomatoes already? Ours haven't started yet!
    Enjoy your pattern & stash busting!
    Good luck with your holiday programme!

  4. The first and last tomatoes always taste the best x

  5. Our cat used to bring in geckos often when we lived at our old house and they'd shed their tails - shudder! Glad you have a brave boy to rescue it ;-) Fascinated to see what you make of all those boxes for the holiday programme too! xx


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