Monday, February 3, 2014

A New Year

 I don't know about you but this year February 1st feels like the start of the year......

It feels like January was full of special things but the real year feels like it is just starting...

 I feel like we (me -my family) are on the verge of new beginnings......

As I stood in each of my kids rooms last night while they were sleeping....I prayed....prayed for their new school year, the teachers they will have, the friends they will make,the learning that I hope they will do.....
 I have been thinking about what is behind all the doors that will be before us as the year unfolds.....

The new families I will meet through my work role, possibly new friends that will fill my time, the adventures that our family may undertake,

Opportunities that will hopefully present themselves to my, church and personal interests.......
 The talents that we need to foster and encourage in our children and see them realise some dreams....

I have been wondering what lies behind being intentional about relationships, pursuing ideas, acting on prompts...
So is this a new year thing for you too...or have I just been off the planet for the last month and now feel the need to get a little serious?

Bali was full of doors.....everywhere you went they had beautiful ,mysterious ornate doors that lead somewhere.....I could have done a photographic tour on just doors...and maybe get a peek behind some of them too.


  1. definitely serious season now after the holiday mode. It's a bit sad isn't it!

    Love all your door pictures. Great work!

  2. January is still part of the silly season … February is definitely the month to start getting serious. New year means new opportunities and experiences … hope they are all good ones :0)

  3. LOL It's like your ride just stopped and now you are getting off... I really love feeling what you are feeling right now. It's great to feel introspective and excited for the new year! It's funny because last night I sent out my monthly family gathering e-vite and I realized that its a new month but it truly felt like I had just put away all of my Christmas things. Our times feel like they are running faster than we can keep up with... I LOVE Those doors, it's like "the secret garden" everywhere and makes me want to build one here but I know in the winter it would just be a snow garden with dead plants...but oh would the summer be great

  4. I fell in love with doors and entryways when we lived in Germany many years ago. I enjoyed your photos of them!
    I don't always feel like the new year starts on Jan. 1st. It depends on how on how much of the busyness continues after the holidays are over and you were really busy in January!

  5. I think you can be excused Bron, seeing as how you worked so hard for your fabulous family holiday! I love what you've written here, I stand in my children's rooms at night too having a little chat to God and myself. Wishing you all a beautiful year ahead xx and ps: those door photos are lovely!


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