Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Creative Space

 My space is a shared one this week...( to make up for the lack of crafting being done lately)

So if my sisters are reading.....

It has finally been confirmed....I am our mum.....

You know how I know?

I sewed  my Year 10 daughter's school skirt!!!! The only difference between me and mum is that my daughter asked me to make the skirt.......and....I made the kind she wanted!

So I present one circle skirt for wearing to school.......
It is not perfect but she loves it....although not so good for those windy days I am told......
My mum made all our school skirts but she always made the decision as to what style....A line was her choice....we all wanted the pencil skirt but they were deemed impractical for riding our bikes to school!

Such was the conversation about a circle skirt as apposed to a more longer design....and the wind factor.......
But what do mums know anyways hey!

 Well I did say this was a shared space this week....shared with my little guy who suddenly was desperate to learn to sew....and it had to be now this week.....sigh

We began with straight lines practice.....

 .and practice some more.....

 Apparently after two sessions he was ready to sew something we compromised and I suggested he make some bunting for his bedroom.
So he hit my scrap drawer and we cut out some flags together.....he sewed them together and then onto the tie.....
He decided he wanted to make his name so six flags were needed.

I suggested that he try printing his letters on once sewed......

He did a really good job.....and really enjoyed the whole process.....that was after he checked with me that it wasn't too "girly" to be sewing?

I assured him it was most definitely not! 
 I must admit I was a bit flustered to begin with...but I soon realised that this was a great opportunity to foster screen free and creative time with him......
I am just not sure where he will want to go from here....any suggestions for easy boy sewing projects ...just so I am prepared?

Joining in with Show and Tell.


  1. awesome skirt! Nice job Mum!

    & Fraser's bunting is terrific! Well done Fraser & nice job mum...

  2. Cute skirt and well done to your little guy - his bunting looks awesome x

  3. I love the circle skirt! Its great that the school allows different choices of skirts too!! Although I get it with the wind factor....maybe a pair of bike shorts underneath? And way to go Fraser! That bunting is awesome! My boys had a sewing binge a couple of months ago and we sewed up marble bags...just a simple pull string bag....but now I reckon the would love to make some bunting too :)

  4. I love that skirt and how lovely that you big girl wanted you to make her one:) Yeah Fraser I love that bunting and I think it's fantastic he's been sewing. x

  5. Love that skirt - my mum always sewed our school skirts too! bunting looks great, my boys love using the sewing machine - might steal your name bunting idea next time they ask to make something :)

  6. SO adorable! My nephew sews and he is 18 years old. I have two male friends that sew and even my father sews. My father is so good that he can make some things from scratch. He can change a zipper and he is the one who taught me the best way to iron clothes.
    Some of the best tailors are men! "You go Fraser!"
    The skirt is so cute! I love it...
    A cute and fun project to do I found on Pinterest is taking four pillow cases and sewing them together then adding pillows in the cases it makes a cute and comfy floor mat... Quick and easy

  7. That's gorgeous Bron that you've turned into your mum! You're a beautiful sewer and I love Fraser's flags, clever boy! Was going to suggest a library bag but he probably has one already? Anyhow, keep sewing the both of you! xx

  8. Man you are an awesome Mum! What a great skirt for her! It makes such a difference getting what you ask for eh? ;). And your boy with the machine and bunting...what a great learning experience for him! Love it x

  9. He might like to to draw a monster and then make it into a toy


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