Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thankful List

* Teen girls that were such a pleasure to host

* Uncles who lend outdoor projectors and sound gear.

* Dad's who are clever at all the technology set up.

* The warm still night as a result of the heatwave, perfect for outdoor movie nights and sleepovers in a tent.

* Little brothers who are so helpful and desperate to be apart of the action

* Air conditioning to hibernate in.

* Reconciling with a friend.

* Sunday afternoon naps.

* Catchup TV

* Backyard camp outs.

* Fresh figs

* Holding hands with my love.

* Waking up to a cool wind in the morning.

* Roast lamb and baked vegetables.

* Answered prayers.

* The ability to create a unique gift from what I already have.

* The courage of the little guy wanting to walk the short way to school by himself.

* Giving away some of our egg overflow.

* Being able to offer support and lend an ear to mum's on the front line of parenting.

* A hair appointment tomorrow.

#344 My delicious homemade muesli each morning.

You can see my other lists here ...counting my way to one thousand.


  1. Bron you are always so inspiring:) I love reading your lists. xxx

  2. Your thoughtful lists make me very thoughtful lol Have a great weekend xxx


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