Friday, February 7, 2014

Things I am Loving

 This week.....

I am Loving....

*  That despite having been away and lacking in motivation on our return....we did manage to be ready for the school return on Monday.

* That the kids were quite enthusiastic about returning to school...and have given the thumbs up for their new teachers.
* New shoes bought while on holidays.

*Impromptu smoothies with the kids after an after school orthodontist appointment.

* Lots of lunchbox snacks baked.....raspberry and white choc  muffins

* And loving the sewing journey we have had this and the little guy.  

Joining in with Meghan for Things I am Loving


  1. What a good list. What a good lot of baking. I really must do some...

    Very cool shoes!

  2. Yes I am also super impressed with all the baking. I have a plan to make a few more home made goodies this year for the kids lunchboxes - so you've just inspired me further! Also how great a pick-me-up are afternoon smoothies - we had one the other day too!

  3. Good to hear you got back into the swing of school! I did a bit of baking this week too, to really knock the socks off my family. Can't promise it will continue though! Have a great week Bron xx

  4. Mmmm Snacks look very yummy, I love smoothies and especially the cake... What kind is it?


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