Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Day the Bees....

Sadly the bees that have been making a home in our backyard dwelling, have gone.....we were hoping for some honey at least.....not to be.

My husband is very sad that we had to have our bee keeper friend come and destroy the bees. They were too difficult to remove as a whole hive....they were becoming aggressive and taking over more of the garden.

My husband is very determined now to get a proper bee set up.... a hive that we can harvest the honey and manage them properly. They love our garden and keep returning. They love the gum tree blossom...and all the flowers but they choose the trickiest places to call home.

My husband feels like bee enemy no.1 and he is keen to right the wrong........

Stay tuned......


  1. What a shame the bees made their home where they did. You can't have them sadly if they start to become aggressive but having your own hive sounds pretty exciting. I look forward to seeing what you get up to next. xxx

  2. Aw! I love honey too but you are right... safety comes first if they were aggressive. Good luck on the new hive! I am not so brave

  3. OH what a bummer. But yeah, you can't keep them there if they are getting nasty. Bee stings aren't fun.

    Go Derek though! Make some bees work for you guys!

  4. oooh aggressive bees don't sound like much fun! I've always wondered how people have a beehive in their garden but don't get stung by all the bees. My grandfather used to beekeep apparently.


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