Saturday, February 8, 2014


Him: Year 4
Her: Year 10

Joining in with Jodi's Project


  1. Your two look lovely all dressed up in their uniforms ready for the start of a fantastic year for them both. My two are almost in the same years as your two except Miss 10 is in Grade 5 this year. Boy the time flies doesn't it. Wishing you a gorgeous weekend Bron. xx

  2. Oh … they are both looking so grown up … I wish time would slow down just a little ;0)

  3. They look great in their uniforms, raring to go! Hope they both have a fantastic year and learn LOTS! xx

  4. Yes.... it was all about getting back into the school routine this week wasn't it?

    Forgot how much time dropping off and picking up kids takes out of the day.

    Your children look so smart.


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