Thursday, January 3, 2013

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In the race up to Christmas I didn't get to share one of the gifts I made....

We have two little nephews, one on each side of the family, both were one just a little before Christmas... 

Wanting something a little different and noncommercial I set about making them an "Eye Spy Bag". I used this tutorial .

I filled mine with rice that I coloured.

I then scouted around for lots of interesting little objects to add house is a bit like that...lots of little things floating around.

I didn't on this occasion make a printed card with all that I had hidden in there. ....little guys aren't really that interested I figured. 
I would definitely make these again as gifts...I think even the bigger kids would enjoy them...I know the mummies did!

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  1. Of great work! I have made these too. They make great presents. I have to make DJ one. BJ has one. I have all the stuff ready for his I think. Might be a birthday pressie for him. & should make a few more as some spare presents. I spy lego in yours. I won't tell Fraser. :-)

  2. What a clever idea. I like the bright colour of the rice too..I thought it was meant to be grass when I first looked at it.

  3. i love these born, don't you love the wealth of creative ideas on the www. i bet the little guys have hours of fun with them

  4. they look great Bron! Feel free to link up with my sew weekly challenge!


  5. Very cool! Love the coloured rice.

  6. Love these. I have pinned some pics, and now I may need to make use of Miss Prudence's challenge to get some made!


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