Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A touch sentimental

We  gave away our swing set today....

It was Taylor's

We spent till the wee hours in the morning back in 1998 putting it together for her surprise Christmas present

She was  two and three quarters

I can still see the surprise on her face upon the discovery

That was 14 years ago....

The kids don't use it anymore so the nieces and nephews will

The funniest things make me sentimental....get out the photo down memory lane....

and be thankful that before blogging I scrapbooked all the trivial goings on in our life at the time.....    


  1. naawww...thanks for the swing set sis, it will be loved for many years to come..I'm thankful it comes with much love,,love you...Little sis x

  2. thinking of you today Bron xxx

  3. Thinking of you Bron. I bet your nieces and nephews will love to use that swing set and continue to create beautiful memories, they are so much fun:) xx

  4. Thank you for sharing this Bron, I am thinking of you xxx
    Thank you also for that amazing email you sent. I read it heaps and each time just cried. I know that when Emma goes she will be fine but I am going to miss the little rat bag like crazy



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