Monday, January 7, 2013

My Reading list


Not since I was in primary school have I kept a reading log until this last year.

I recorded on my sidebar , all the completed books as I read them. I didn't have a goal in mind ..just to read..something I have loved to do forever.

I did manage to read 23 books in 2012.

Now it is a new year I wanted to keep the record of those books before I wiped the slate clean to begin a new year....maybe read 1 book more , maybe I will use my time well and read lots pressure just the gentle nudge to keep reading.

So here was my read list....    

My 2012 Reading List

Now to begin my 2013 list

I have just loaded my kindle with my second read today.....


  1. You have a kindle! Cool!

    You read Friendship bread last year! I just got it at the op shop last week! Did you like it?

    Good job on your list last year. good luck on your reads this year! May you find many new book friends!

  2. Hi Bron, I'm a list keeper from way back and listing my books read for the year is one of them ... I too, got through 23 books in 2012!

  3. Good for you for reading AND keeping a list! I received One Thousand Gifts for Christmas and am looking forward to reading it. Good luck with 2013!

  4. Heaven is for Real is an awesome book. I loved it and I have been trying to get Emma to read it. She read a little bit then hasn't touched it again.....

  5. It's a great idea to keep a track of what you read so you don't end up picking it up again a few years later and wonder whether you have read it or not. You did well reading 23 books wow have fun reading again this year. xx


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