Sunday, January 20, 2013

Stills- A weekend collection

This weekend.....

A weekend of relaxing, catching our breath and playing host to our international visitor....

Hope yours was full of some good stuff.

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  1. You always have lots of fun on the weekends getting up to all sorts of things. That fish and chips looks yummy. I love having fish and chips by the sea. Have a wonderful week Bron. xx

  2. Looks like the weather is still hot where you are too, judging by all of those swimming and water shots!

  3. I'm just wondering if David wore any other clothes but camp sonshine t-shirts while he was here. That was the only thing I ever saw him in :)

    Looks like a great week

  4. terrific! What a great picture story...

  5. I love that pool we have thought about getting one for our place. Is it worth it? do you like it? It looks like a great pool to keep cool in


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