Saturday, January 3, 2015

1/52 ( 2015)

Him: Cooking up the haul of crabs he caught with his dad.

Her: She and I ducked down to capture the first sunset of the year. ( too nice to change to B&W)

My darling subjects are willing to go another year of me capturing their lives and showing all who wish to dilemma was whether too or much is said about parading our children on the net...I figure when I have so much to celebrate with them then sharing is OK.
So while all are in agreement we will continue....2015 here we come.

Joining in again with Jodi


  1. yay! Glad you are hanging out with me on this again... Lovely Sunset. Glad you didn't change it!

  2. Beautiful! You're very lucky to have willing subjects on a regular basis. My children are occasionally willing. Happy new year to you :)

  3. Oh how beautiful! And that sunset is just stunning!

  4. gorgeous sunset, I wonder too sometimes about pics on the net but as the girls have gotten older they put their own pics out there so I figure it's OK and the joy they all had when I made their 52 pics into photo books for xmas this year means i definitely want to carry on

  5. Aah, crabs...over here the crabs are teeny tiny, as in you would have 5 or 6 of them in your plate of pasta!

  6. You have don sooo well with this project Bron and I think if you have two willing participants then go for it:):) I wish my two were a little more willing. Beautiful sunset photo. xxx


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