Friday, January 30, 2015

What I learnt from going Campling Part 2

#14 The camping etiquette of zipping up your tent and knowing that it's entire contents will remain untouched

#15 The nights are shorter and the mornings come earlier

#16 The quiet was very refreshing

#17 Some campers love to use every bit of the time allowed till sound curfew to have a good time

# 18 Making the dash to the toilet block in your PJ's is considered OK....well once a day anyway.

#19 There is always a quiet grab for more land as new neighbours move in.

#20 The feeling of zipping up at the end of a day and cocooning in is unique.

#21 Caravan people get extra spaces for parking their car

#22 Loud whistling kettles are offensive to beer drinking nomads

# 23 That beer o'clock begins at breakfast most days.

 #24 That fresh caught fish is always the best meal to have when camping

# That we had the best time and are so grateful that we got to do some camping without totally roughing it.

and just because.....beautiful pics of Shelley Beach - Albany and the spectacular sight of seeing hand gliders taking off.

and that was our holiday....we are resolved to try some more camping....thanks this time to my awesome sister and her family for lending us the camper trailer.....we may be hitting the camping store to find a tent that would suit our little family and try some more adventures.


  1. sounds like a blissful time - that zipping up your tent thing and trusting it won't be tampered with is quite wonderful isn't it? x

  2. Cambrian camping is great family fun and having the camper even better. Camping with kids are the best holidays. My tips for camping is to have a bag (ie like one of those green Coles recycle bags) ready solely for the use of the shower. Have a spare pair of cheap things and an old bath mat from home in it along with your toiletries. You can have one for the men in your family and one for the girls in the family. Having the bag ready with the bath,at towels toil interview and thongs is a must. As you know the shower floors are always wet so trying to put dry clean clothes on all the while in wet things doesn't work so get this bag ready for next time it will make a difference. Taking popcorn to pop on the stove is a good camping snack. As for the dishes if you want it easy buy a load of paper plates from the $2 shop and just throw them away. If not we take a large tub and all the dirty dishes etc go in the tub and then do one big wash up. Depending upon if you had greasy bacon and eggs you will want to pour hot water over this and leave it sit in the tub. A couple of cups or a few plates for breakfast can wait until the lunch time washing up which would probably also include morning tea dishes. Also after years camping I'm over running to the toilet block in the dark and we have a pee bucket and during the night you use that and empty it in the morning. It doesn't sounds wonderful but trust me when you need to go it's much easier and also the kids may want to go in the middle if the night and I don't want to leave one child on their own the pee bucket is a must. Just make sure it's in a spot that won't get knocked over in the dark. It hasn't happened to me but just think about it. Hey it's camping and this makes it's easier. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  3. oh that's terrific! Now I want to go camping... don't you love that things don't get knicked out of a zipped up tent?

  4. Well they are very handy bits of information … and I'll be sure to remember them if we ever go camping … but drinking beer at breakfast … ugh!!

  5. WOW!... Looks like it was a spectacular holiday! I loved camping as a teenager. That tent is a really nice one too... I have a friend that has one similar to your sisters and she loves it. It weathers well and keeps them all protected from the wind and rain. I love all the pictures that you captured they are cute xx


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