Monday, January 5, 2015

These hot days...

When the temperature climbs...there is only one thing to do..... 

Head to the pool for swimming lessons and fun with the cousins

Find a shady spot under the trees and wait it out until it is time to head home to the air conditioning...

Then when it is safe to do so head out for dinner at the beach under the cover of dark.....

..... Summer days.
(unfortunately the slow days are over...two of us head back to work tomorrow)


  1. Oh lovely summer days! We are doing much the same around here - hope the work week goes well xx

  2. Hope work went well today... the lazy summer things are so special & so easy to get used to... this looks like a lovely night at the beach!

  3. I heard there was a scorcher over your way ... try to stay cool.

  4. That weather is way to hot and air conditioning is the way to go. I hope the first week back at work was a good one. xxx


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