Tuesday, January 6, 2015


I thought a new year a new challenge....
I love my camera and capturing moments.....I don't use it to it's full capacity and I have much to learn about taking photos...
So the best way to improve and become even better friends with my camera is to use it even more....

So I am going to attempt to take a pic a day joining many of my favourite daily reads.
I am going to use the prompts from Fat Mum Slim but not being on any other social media this will be the only place I share them....so here goes...

1. The first sunset SKY of the New Year. 

2. Fresh YELLOW lemons in abundance from our backyard. Loving hot lemon water each morning.

3. OK who doesn't have a "selfie stick" in their house? I just had to have a go and snap a pic of ME

4.I HEAR our deep sounding chimes at the slightest breeze...we love them hope the neighbours do too...

So that is the first week of this year down....


  1. Love this, a great way to practise too! X

  2. Great photos! The sunset is breathtaking. I think I will try this too since learning my camera is one of my goals this new year.

  3. Good work. Will enjoy watching you learn your camera. NOPE no selfie stick in our house! I am still in shock there is one in yours! lol

  4. Yay ... you're doing a photo a day too ... Good Luck :0)

  5. Bron I did a photo a day with my friend back in 2009 and it was great because you really get to know your camera by the end of the year. You'll love it. I didn't have any prompts back then but had no problems taking photos every day and in fact the following January after the many Christmas Day photos I didn't take many photos in January but picked it up again in February and most days I take a photo as it's habit. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  6. Yeah taking a photo a day really gets you to push yourself and to come up with things to take photos of. I am taking photos each day but have decided not to do it as a project, I need a little break from my self imposed pressure:) I love your photos, sunsets, love lemon water, and the sound of wind chimes and your lovely selfie:) xx


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