Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Things I have learnt from going camping

#1  The simple art of preparing meals with limited cooking utensils

#2 The trick of washing dishes in a bowl straight after they are used in a minimal of water...usually cold.

#3 Being able to read by lantern light

#4 Learning to use quiet voices lest the neighbour who is less than a metre away hears

#5 How to make the dash back from the toilet block and not drop any underwear on the way.

#6 Having to get used to showering with flip flops on.

#7 Make sure the bladder is empty before going to bed so there is no middle of the night dash to the toilet block ( I only had to do it is eerie at 1.30am)

#8 That you can go away for a few hours and all the neighbours have changed

#9 That there is a constant flow in and out of campers, which changes the course of path to the toilet block constantly.

#10 Camping doesn't necessarily mean roughing it...there are some big flash rigs out there and a lot of people doing it in style.

#11 The grey haired travelers only need an hour and they have found like minded travelers who then become their "besties" and constant meal companions for the duration of their stay.

#12 It can be a skill finding an unused washing machine...have the right change and then remember to go back and collect it.

#13 That leaving your washing on the communal washing line all day means it will still be there when you get back.

To be continued.....


  1. hahaha... you gave me a giggle... That's such a good list of things you learnt. Amazing I bet. Can't wait to see more pics...

  2. Bron your post has actually made me remember how much I enjoyed going camping(in a fold-out caravan, which really isn't camping as such is it!? lol) and now realise how much we've missed over the years! I recall learning many of those things myself! That was soooooo many years ago now!
    I take it this was during the Christmas schools holiday. So glad you all enjoyed yourselves.
    That is some BIG tent you have there! :) ♥

  3. Cool! Looks like a fantastic time.

  4. Your tent is huge! What an impressive set-up! Where abouts did you camp? In Walpole or another nearby town like Denmark. Such a beautiful part of our state xx


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